Artist Statement

I am a Hand Embroidery Artist based in Richmond upon Thames. My work is influenced by the colours and textures of the natural world.

“I like to work in colour, and I like to work in black and white.” I combine my love of tonal black and white pencil drawing with colourful delicate hand embroidery and beading to create luxury pieces of art and decorative cushions. Kew Gardens provided the inspiration for my debut collection, The Botanical Collection. When first visiting Kew Gardens as a teenager I found the gardens stunning and mesmerising with so many rare and exotic plants and flowers. Every time I visit, I discover something new.

I pencil draw and meticulously hand embroider all of my designs: no two pieces are the same, making them one-off collectables.

My designs are reproduced for luxury wallpaper, upholstery fabric, decorative wall plates and cocktail chairs and I have a range of hand embroidered wall art and luxury cushions. My cushions and chairs are made in London, and my botanical wallpaper and fabrics are printed in the UK.

Having trained as a Graphic Designer I have pursued a career in the fashion industry for the last 20 years.

My textile prints have been sold worldwide and I have designed for a range of private labels, studios, designers, agents and retailers. During this time I have also been experimenting with materials like leather and paint, whilst learning crafts such as tapestry and machine embroidery. My grandmother, a keen hand embroiderer, first introduced me to embroidery as a child, and when I came back to the needle and thread again a few years ago I was hooked!